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Getting Started!

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We’ve finally begun to spread the word about and the extraordinary things it could accomplish.  The missing ingredient is…well, the missing ingredient is YOU.  We need your involvement. is about banding together and accomplishing great things as a community.

Thanks to bloggers like Elizabeth Scalia (“The Anchoress“), Scot McKnight (Jesus Creed) and Justin Taylor (Between Two Worlds) for helping spread the word through their blogs or social networks.  Please do the same!  Please use the Share buttons to tell people about iam2 on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  We need to gather the initial financial support we need in order to build this website and this ministry into everything it can be.  Please donate.

In the meantime, I wanted to share the very first thing (well before we went “public”) that’s founder, Dan Bowling, wrote at this site.  It’s called “Her Name Is Cecilia”:

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Her name was Cecilia. Her black hair was striped with gray, and her eyes filled with tears as she saw me approach.

It was the kind of summer day you only find in Atlanta. The stifling heat rises off the asphalt and concrete, and the air is nearly too thick to breathe. Outside was the last place I wanted to be, but I knew I could help a few people get through the day if I passed out water. Plus, I honestly had nothing better to do.

That’s when I encountered Cecilia.

We began to talk. She had no other way to get water, but it wasn’t the water t hat had moved her. It was the fact that someone had taken the time to help. All it had taken was a water bottle and a moment out of my day to make her feel loved. She felt important. She felt noticed.

How much is a water bottle worth to you? It meant nothing to me — and everything to her. Our exchange left a smile on my face and a spark of excitement in my gut as I began the drive back to the air-conditioned comfort of my apartment in the suburbs.

But something happened on the way home. With every block, I passed more people who fought the elements alone. More people who sought what Cecelia had found: a sense that they were not forgotten. Their expressions of despair weighed on me. What could one person do?

It’s easy to feel hopeless. Even right here in America, 100,000 children between the ages of 10 and 15 are forced into prostitution every year. Seventeen million children in go to bed every night malnourished, and 1.5 million American children are homeless. The problems are so vast; we don’t know where to start. And so we never start.

That’s why I’ve invited you here. Together, we can change these statistics. Together, we can take our success and transform it into significance.

I can’t do it alone. And neither can you. Let’s come alongside one another to fund and create, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that will empower hundreds of other non-profits to transform our world, by giving individuals a simple way to make a profound impact.

Are you ready to attempt something great? I am too . Are you ready to come together and make an impact? I am too. Are you ready to save lives, give hope, and forge a great legacy? I am too. Without you, I am alone and limited. With you, I am 2, and together we can do something great.

I am honored to partner with you and thankful for your support.

-Dan Bowling, Founder

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You can also see my explanation for why I got involved.  Please bookmark this blog and come back frequently, as I’ll be posting updates as well as some basic information about who’s behind this project and why we believe (and pray) that it will succeed and have an impact for the good.

Let's Make Compassion Viral

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Disease, abuse, and extreme poverty amongst children are never easy problems to tackle.  There are at least two psychological barriers.

The first barrier is confronting the reality of what’s going on.  We don’t like to be reminded that 5000 children die every day because they have no access to clean water.  We wish we did not live in a world where, in the state of Georgia (my home state) alone, 7200 men purchase sex with a child every month — or where, in South Africa, 70,000 babies are born with AIDS every year.  Yet we do live in such a world, and sometimes we need to be reminded of the facts.  Getting involved means getting an education — an education we’d often rather not have.

The second barrier is our own despair at how intractable and insurmountable these problems can seem.  Can our own efforts make even the slightest dent?  When the problems before us are so massive, it’s terrible to contemplate them and tempting to throw up our hands and believe we can’t make a difference.

This is why IAM2.ORG is so very important.  It confronts the first barrier by telling us not only of the challenges and horrors faced by many children around the world, but by telling us also of the most innovative and effective organizations delivering them from their disease, their oppression and their destitution.  The team at will find, vet, and present to you the best nonprofits serving children here in the United States and elsewhere around the world. You’ll have the opportunity not only to support those nonprofits in tangible ways, but to be a part of their story.  We believe that creating deep and lasting relationships between these nonprofits and their supporters will benefit both parties and, most of all, benefit the children they serve. (more…)