Bright Futures Children's Home

Bright Futures Children’s Home, Migori, Kenya

“A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank…but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child.” – Forest Witcraft

A young girl from Bright Futures contemplates her future. Photo courtesy of Gary S. Chapman Photography, all rights reserved.

A young boy inside Bright Futures at night. Photo courtesy of Gary S. Chapman Photography, all rights reserved.

We at I Am 2 Partners, Inc. are about finding nonprofits doing fantastic work and utilizing our website and social networks to rally support for extremely worthy projects that help eliminate needless suffering of the world’s children. We’re thrilled to launch our first external project — Bright Futures Children’s Home – along with our excellent partner, BrightPoint for Children — an organization directed by Steve Smith from Marietta, Georgia, that runs an orphanage and school for impoverished children in Migori, Kenya.

Migori is the capital of its district and has a population of 35,000. Bright Futures Children’s Home presently cares for 37 children ranging in age from 6-16 and houses both boys and girls. Most are orphans or children who were on the streets. They are in a rented facility that runs approximately $125 US per month, and are at risk of losing their facility because of the landlord who is threatening a rent increase. A local church helps with very limited support for the children’s home, but the church is very poor.

This is from an excerpt from someone who went to Bright Futures Children’s Home:

“They have nothing, literally. They have just a building with a few mattresses. You see this is an orphanage and a school. These children don’t have the money to buy uniforms or pay school fees, but the pastor and his wife started it to help the neighborhood children. They have teachers that volunteer and then at night they roll out the “mattresses” and that is where they sleep. We were heartbroken for them. The next day we packed up all the stuff we had, got more school supplies, went to the local market and bought more items and then went back to Bright Futures. They were so overjoyed when we gave out the cookies and dresses and clothes. The thanks they shared us was from the bottom of their hearts and you could feel it.”

Their own children were on the trip with them and saw Bright Futures. Here’s what the mother and father had to say about having their children there with them: “Our kids are so lucky to be in this place and I hope they realize it. I hope they learn that they should always give when they have and even when they have very little but their friend has nothing. Definitely something we could all stand to learn. We have hardly made a dent in the stock of items, but surely made a difference for those few children for now.”

Making a difference is what I Am 2 Partners, Inc., and BrightPoint for Children are all about, and it’s what this project is about. This place doesn’t have enough food to feed the kids. But like those other visitors, we believe we can make a difference for these 37 children until they obtain sponsorships from donors.

A rare treat: a nearby church brought a meal for the children. Photo courtesy of Gary S. Chapman Photography, all rights reserved.

Here’s what the project looks like. For a period of six months (while BrightPoint for Children can identify and raise sponsorships for the children at Bright Futures):

  • We will be providing funds to purchase food, water and provide housing for the 37 orphans at Bright Futures Children’s Home in Migori, Kenya.
  • We will help cover costs for 3 adults to provide care (a cook, a live-in matron, and a night watchman).
  • We will help cover their rent so they are not evicted from their facility because of their inability to pay all their rent (which may be increasing).
  • We will provide firewood for cooking (there is no electricity) and night-time heating.

To complete this project we must raise $7000. It is hard to imagine being able to feed and shelter 37 children for six months for only $7000, isn’t it? It doesn’t take much, and it won’t take many donors to make this happen. For example:

  • If 70 people give $100 we will have met our goal and helped these children;
  • If 140 people give $50 we will have met our goal;
  • If 280 people give just $25 we will have met our goal;
  • If 700 people give just $10 (one-time), together we will have made a huge difference in the lives of these children!
  • If 1000 people give just $7 each (one time), these children will be have their needs met for 6 months while BrightPoint for Children finds them permanent sponsors. We can do this!

The facility has no electricity, so the children meet by lantern-light in the evenings:

Lanterns provide the only light. Photo courtesy of Gary S. Chapman Photography. All rights reserved.

The needs at the orphanage are many: food, clothing, uniforms for school, school costs/tuition, mattresses, beds, blankets, hygiene items, shoes, adult staff (cook, matron, watchman), etc. There is no running water. They buy their water from elsewhere and it must be carried by hand to the orphanage every day. Cooking is done over fire/coals for all the children and takes hours a day.

Cooking over the wood fire. Photo courtesy of Gary S. Chapman Photography, all rights reserved.

Here are two Bright Futures children cleaning and airing-out their “mattress”:

Boys cleaning their “mattress” at Bright Futures. Photo courtesy of Gary S. Chapman Photography, all rights reserved.

Here’s a link to some more of Gary S. Chapman’s photos taken at Bright Future Children’s Home:

How You Can Help:

There are three key things you can do to help the Bright Futures children. And don’t skip the third step – it is crucial to engaging a team that will meet this need!

FIRST: make a one time donation of whatever you can afford to give by clicking on this button:

When you donate, we’ll add you to the newsletter for I Am 2 that will help keep you updated with progress on this project and how your donation has helped these children! Check back with us often!

SECOND: consider sponsoring one of the Bright Futures kids, providing them not only with food, water and shelter, but also with shoes, clothing, school tuition fees, and medical care…all for only $40 per month. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these beautiful children (you can specify boy or girl, and age between 6-16), click here:

(Note: at present we don’t have pictures of all the children. Since Bright Futures is in a remote part of the country, remaining pictures will be taken and posted for sponsorship consideration as soon as BrightPoint for Children’s Kenya manager can get back to the location with a camera as it is some distance and the roads are very difficult.)

THIRD: this step is so important if we are to get 1000 people to give $7 each – share this story with others in your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.) and encourage them to join us/you in this project to help us get much-needed food, water and shelter to the children of Bright Futures!!! The more you share this story with your social network, the more people can give and the quicker we can get help to these kids. Please share it now with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other networks you connect with. And don’t forget that you can still share it the old-fashioned way, too: let your church, synagogue, mosque, small groups, service clubs, etc., know about it, too! Click on the icons down below to share the story of Bright Futures Children’s Home.

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Let’s make compassion viral and help make the future a bit brighter for these children!!


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