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Why I Got Involved (and Matching Grant Opportunities!!!)

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NEWSFLASH: I Am 2 Partners, Inc. is offered not one, not three, but four $5000 matching grants!  Scroll down for more information!

Why I chose to get involved…
Let me introduce myself to you!  My name is Galen Dalrymple, and I’m the director of operations for I Am 2 Partners, Inc.  I’m new with I Am 2, but I’ve got 25 years in the for-profit business world and 10 in the non-profit world that has helped prepare me for this challenge.

You may wonder, “Why are you doing what you are doing with I Am 2 Partners, Inc.?  Isn’t it risky being part of a start-up that asks for money in a difficult economy?  It sure is!!!  But I want to show, not just tell you why I’m passionate about I Am 2 and what we’re doing.



Those five beautiful children are my grandkids.  They will all go to bed tonight with full stomachs, with plenty of safe water to drink, and with families that love them and put roofs over their heads.  And they will all wake up tomorrow morning with a happy present and a hopeful future.

Not all children have it so good.  In fact, millions in America and around the world won’t be able to do any of those three things.  Thousands won’t wake up tomorrow morning because they’ll die during the night of starvation, disease or abuse. (Every 3 seconds a child dies because of starvation or a preventable water-borne disease.)

When I see pictures of children who are starving, who are so stick-thin that you can see the contours of all the bones in their bodies, I see the faces of my children and my grandchildren.  I imagine the anguish of the parents and grandparents who are usually powerless to do anything when their children lie in bed with their distended bellies and cry themselves to sleep.  You know what?  If I were the parent or grandparent of that child, I would desperately hope and pray that someone who had the means would take compassion on my child and provide what they need. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I’ve not said those things to make you feel guilty.  I’ve said them because the first step to making a difference is to raise awareness of the sheer magnitude of the problem.  The people behind I Am 2 Partners, Inc. really do care about providing for these children and saving their lives.  We’re ready to tackle the issues head on, to get food, safe water and protection to those who need it most – the helpless kids around the world – in spite of the economic conditions plaguing our planet.  If those were my kids, I wouldn’t want people to turn their heads and forget about my child.  Would you?

I can’t do much by myself.  I am, by western standards, far from a wealthy man.  But I can do something – even if it is only donating a couple bucks a month.  Our goal is not to get a few ultra-wealthy donors (though they’d be welcome!), but we hope to organize a compassionate army of thousands (millions?!) of people giving just $2 – $5 bucks a month (or more!).  By working together, we can – literally – save the lives of some of the neediest children in the world.

Join us.  Encourage your family and friends to join us.  Encourage them to sign up for our newsletter, to share and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Let your church, synagogue, mosque or service clubs know about us.  Talk to them about the vision – thousands of people with compassionate hearts each giving a little bit each month – and invite them to join you in supporting this great, great cause.  Our 501.c.3 application has been filed and is pending and we expect approval soon, so your donations are tax deductible for 2012 even now (by law, donations made within 18 months of the filing date are deductible.)  On behalf of the parents and grandparents who are powerless to help their own children: Thank you!

Here’s a link you can share with your friends so they can sign up for our free newsletter (we expect to publish 2x monthly): Subscribe to the I Am 2 Partners, Inc. Newslettter
(NOTE: If the newsletter subscription link doesn’t work for you, send an email to: and let us know and we’ll send you a link so you can sign up!  Some mail security systems seem to have trouble with it that link, but it works for most!)

Alone I am one, but with you, I Am 2.  Together – together – we can make the world a better place for children and their families!!!!

_   _   _   _
I Am 2 Partners, Inc. offered four $5,000 matching grants!

Newsflash, 2/20/12: We just received word that we have been offered four $5,000 matching grants! What does that mean?  It means for every dollar you donate to I Am 2 Partners, Inc. for the next month, it can turn into $5!  Our matching grant donors will match your giving dollar for dollar up to a $5,000 limit each!  If we join forces and can raise $5,000 on our own, these matching grants will bring the total to $25,000!  What a tremendous opportunity to maximize the effect of your giving and help us to serve needy children!

Would you please consider donating something to help us get I Am 2 Partners, Inc. off the ground while these matching grants are in force?  Or, if you can’t give now, please pass along this message to your friends, neighbors, service clubs, church groups or company who share your passion for helping children.

You can make a donation to help fund the work and development of I Am 2 Partners, Inc., by clicking on the “Donate” button below:

How else can you help?  Since we’re all about taking compassion viral through social media, you can Friend/Share our Facebook page (links below),share us with your Twitterfriends, or share our website with them where they can view a video message from our founder, Dan Bowling.  Bear in mind, however, that the website you see now is a temporary place-holder, while we raise the funds to develop the site that we will use to support the projects that help needy children everywhere.

Social networks are not always used for the best of purposes.  Let’s match our best technologies with our best intentions.  Let’s take compassion viral.  Please join us.

On behalf of the I Am 2 Partners, Inc. board: Dan Bowling, Jeff Dunbar, Justin McDonald, Ben Howell, James Christerson, Garrett Moore, and also from Galen Dalrymple (director of operations) and Tim Dalrymple (director of content) – WE THANK YOU!

If you want to visit our main web page, click here.

To sign-up for our twice monthly newsletter, click here.
Go to our Facebook page, and add us as a Friend, and click LIKE so your friends can catch the I Am 2 Partners, Inc. wave!

Click here to go to I Am 2 Partners, Inc. Facebook page.

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