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Let's Change the World…Together!

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Let’s get started changing the world. 

Alone, I am 1. With you, I am 2. Together we can make a difference!

We want to tell you about a new ministry with revolutionary potential.  It takes some of the most powerful and cutting-edge tools at our disposal to fight some of the most profound and enduring problems we face as human beings.


First let’s look at the challenges:

Are you angry that over 5000 children die every single day because they have no access to clean water?  I am too.

Are you frustrated when you hear that 70,000 babies are born with AIDS in South Africa every year?  I am too.

Are you stunned to hear that 7200 men purchase sex with a child every month – in Atlanta, Georgia?  I am too. Are you longing to make a difference, to do something to help these children in need?  iam2.


But consider, too, the power of social networks:

Gathering people: The number of active users on Facebook is roughly equal to the total population of Europe.  And Facebook is no longer the cutting edge.  Twitter now sends 200 million messages per day – and while it took Facebook three years to reach 25 million users, it took Google+ a single month.

Spreading information: When an earthquake struck Virginia last August, before a single minute had passed, 5500 Tweets per second were spreading the news.  Since electronic signals travel faster than seismic waves, people in neighboring states heard about the earthquake on Twitter before they felt it rattling their homes.  Or, to take another example: three and a half hours after the (correct) rumor started that Osama bin Laden had been killed, there were 1 million Tweets, 7000 blog posts and 7500 news stories on the subject.

Forming relationships: Seventeen percent of American couples that married in 2010 had originally met through a dating website.  Online dating sites in the United States received 593 million visits in the month of October 2011 alone.

Changing the world: Social networks like Facebook and Twitter were credited with helping the Egyptian revolution, prompting one reporter to write: “Social media turned a nation upside down in a matter of days.”


Alone, it’s easy to despair at the scale of the challenges we face.  Together, we can change the calculus of social transformation.  The central concept of I Am 2 Partners, Inc. is to join together as friends and partners to support some of the worthiest projects serving children in the United States and around the globe.  If we were to rally thousands or even millions of people to give a small amount – $2, $5, $20 or $50 – on a regular basis, imagine what we could accomplish!

The process will look like this.  The team at iam2 will identify worthy projects providing for the basic needs of children and will subject the nonprofits behind those projects to a thorough vetting process.  Then we will host the certified projects at our website, where we’ll attract supporters and give supporters the tools to spread their support exponentially outward to their networks of friends and connections.  Eventually, our own operating expenses will be entirely covered by corporate and private donors, so that those who give money to a project listed at the website will know that every penny goes specifically to that project.

As a member at I Am 2 Partners, Inc., you will have the power to suggest or vote on projects, to donate to projects, to follow the story of how those projects are faring, and to connect with other compassionate individuals to raise funds and rally support for the causes you most care about.

Right now, our greatest need is for general donations that will help us develop the website and the team with all the powers we need.  Donating to I Am 2 Partners, a strategic investment in the future.  By supporting us, you are helping to create a launching pad for hundreds of other projects – projects that will serve thousands of needy children around the world.

Would you please consider donating some of the money we need to launch?  Or if you can’t give right now, please pass along this message to your friends and neighbors.  Friend/Share our Facebook page, share us with your Twitter friends, or share the link to our website, where they can view a video message from our founder, Dan Bowling.  Bear in mind, however, that the website you see now is a temporary place-holder, while we raise the funds to develop the site that we will use to support the projects that help needy children everywhere.

Social networks are not always used for the best of purposes.  For instance, over 200 million songs are downloaded illegally every day.  At I Am 2 Partners, Inc., we want to put these powerful communications technologies to use on behalf of the neediest children in this country and around the world.  Let’s match our best technologies with our best intentions.  Let’s take compassion viral.  Please join us.

From the I Am 2 Partners, Inc. board: Dan Bowling, Jeff Dunbar, Justin McDonald, Ben Howell, James Christerson, Garrett Moore, and also from Galen Dalrymple (director of operations) and Tim Dalrymple (director of content).

If you want to visit our main web page, click here.

If you’re already convinced and want to make a donation, click here.

Are you ready to get started?  iam2!!!

Go to our Facebook page, and add us as a Friend, and click LIKE so your friends can catch the iam2 wave!

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