A non-traditional non-profit.

The ask is simple: donate $2, recruit donates $2, Iam2 doubles your impact.

We'll double your donation

Iam2 doubles your impact turning your two dollars into $8 of change.

Recruit a friend

Leverage social media to recruit one friend to donate $2.

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Donate just $2

Start with a $2 donation. 

Help us create something transformative

Users easily interact with all the best causes in their area by choosing projects sponsored by local businesses and partnering with non-profits to execute. Everyone can be part of the larger story.

Find projects from some of the best nonprofits around.

100% of donations go to the project. 100% of donations get doubled. 100% of donations are tax deductible.

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Earn points and badges for every person you recruit to your project.

Watch your social standing increase by earning points and badges as you recruit others to maximize your impact, grow your influence, and change your world.

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See the impact you and your team are making on a per project basis.

Profile pages set up for individuals, companies, teams or classrooms let you track your progress as you become the hero the world needs. 

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Donate to help get us started

100% of donations are tax deductible and will be going towards building out the initial app.

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Private donors cover our operating costs so 100% of your donation provides water, food, and shelter.